There is a huge pulse around the world at this time. It is called the rat race. I have always observed the rats and if you have like I have, you would have observed that the rats are always on a hurry getting somewhere or nowhere. The world is constantly running and it has influenced how its occupants lead their lives. We want to get to the top now and immediately however far the top is from where we are. We thus look for short cuts and fast means to hurry up there and then we land back down crashing to the ground because we haven’t learned enough that we should to qualify for the position.

Many of those who have fallen from success were actually persons who were suddenly on a hurry. They refused to learn the principles every step of the way because they assumed they already knew enough too early and thus qualify themselves for the bigger position that they are eyeing.

Life has a processor called time. Time has the capacity to process everyone who passes through its process and makes them thick. This time often presents us with teachers, mentors and situations under which we will be taught the art of standing.

Standing is no easy task. When a child is born into the world, the child comes in without being able to walk. He lives the first few months learning to crawl and then he learns to stand, takes the first step and then a few steps, and then makes a longer step. The very fact that a child has begun walking doesn’t mean he would begin to walk long distance, run or even jump immediately. He still has to be guided until he attains maturity when he can take a long stroll into life.

The processing that time gives us isn’t always interesting. It brings us under, presses us down and then we strive to get up from being under consciously by looking at how persons who are standing have learnt to stand. Those persons are our teachers and mentors. They know what standing means and have understood the principles of standing.

Being teachable is a great quality of great people. It requires being subject under the guidance of someone who knows better and understands or is understanding already. We can activate the quality we desire in others in ourselves when we find ourselves under the guidance of that person. Engineers have to learn from engineers, doctors from doctors, lawyers from lawyers, preachers from preachers.

The route to reaching great heights is feasted with many teachers each of which bear certain attributes that you have to learn. Those teachers hang around not necessarily as humans but as situations to build our longsuffering, patience, tenacity, courage, perseverance, diligence, determination and accountability. All these are virtues that we develop en-route to the destination where we think is the bus-stop of our arrival.

Those who haven’t built these virtues but go through short cuts end up under developed and soon give up easily when the test of the office or position they have hurriedly gotten arrives. Yes, every position in our lives carries a problem portion that must be challenged by virtues developed from experiences of previous situations.

To be candid, there is never enough opportunity to learn everything you need to know up there because it is expected that you should have known them at a lesser position and apply them to the new challenges that arrives. Sadly though, many persons end up having to return to where they had begun because they found a way around thinking they were going somewhere till the wind blew them off for their incompetence.

The revelation of getting up is learning to stand under someone or  a up situation, watching, taking notes about how the situations have being managed and is being managed by those up so that soon when you find yourself up which certainly will arrive, you will be considered fit to stay up.

Students in a class room will have to sit under the tutelage of a standing teacher in order for them to understand. They can’t be outside the class while the teacher is in and then expect to understand what the teacher is saying in the class. It’s the same principle anywhere and everywhere.

Understand that if you must understand and stand, you have to first learn to stand under.

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