A student friend of mine at the university complained this New Year that he had being thinking too much about making money and becoming an entrepreneur. He asked me if I had to go through enormous thinking process when I was at the university. I laughed at his notion of thinking too much and I replied, now is best time to do all the thinking. Think through.

As the New Year gets running, so much expectation was in the air the first day. You heard so much of making New Year goals and perhaps you have made the goals. But it seems now after a few days into the year, that you seem to be starting the year the same way you ended it. Maybe you resolved to stop some habit or not to be in debt but you observed that as the year ticks on, you are finding yourself in the same dog vomit. Well, you aren’t the only person in that shoe.

There are quite a number of persons like you whose New Year resolutions have failed to pass the first test, the first week after the first day of the year. They returned back to the old lifestyle that they showed disgust for the New Year eve. Some wished it was automatic that change happen as the new year arrives but they have accepted the fact of change been a condition of the mind and not the year. It’s actually ones resolve to get past a challenge that gets him kicking through that challenge.

The reason most persons have failed to keep their resolutions so early in the year isn’t because they lacked the resolve needed to get it done. It’s actually because they kept their resolutions at the initial level, the shallow thinking level.

Any change of state begins from a thinking process. The thinking helps create the picture you would love to see tomorrow happen. This thinking could be shallow, deep, or critical. It’s shallow when a thought just passes and one admits to its possibilities but doubts if it can be done. The deep thinking exists when one develops a thought, sees the possibility and believes it can come through but doesn’t act. Such a person who has done deep thinking will brag at how innovative his ideas may be but he doesn’t go beyond that. The critical thinking goes the entire mile. It sees, believes and develops the propulsion to have that believe become reality.

Have you really taken time out to think over and over about the future endpoint you are desirous to see happen in 2015? It’s not just about making wishes of a better year. Wishes are great but it doesn’t change anything. What changes everything is you thinking through.

Thinking through means you have done critical thinking. You have gone through all the strengths and weaknesses, limitations and aspirations and you have developed the certainty and conviction of the huge possibility of your resolution becoming possible. It means you have being convinced that action would bear the fruits that you desire to see.

When you have thought through, just say it. Tell the world, write it down as your goal lists, believe it, tell your friends, tell those who care to ear. Your words are the most powerful propellants for that change you want. When you tell your friends you are stopping smoking for example, you automatically make them your checks. They often will remind you when you try to smoke. If you tell your child, this year you have resolved not to fight your wife or husband, your child will automatically remind you that you have failed on your promise.

When you have said it, just act towards it. You will discover an uncommon rush of energy towards your actualization of what you have thought and said. The possibilities are unimaginable and they become miracles in our everyday life.

Now, you can see the reason you have failed just so early in the year. You kept your New Year resolutions to yourself. You told no one. You need someone to see that dream to help propel you toward its actualization. You need someone to tell you it is possible.  You need someone to mock at your capacity to keep that resolve. You need someone to tell you, you can’t. You need someone to mock at how huge your goals are. These words will propel your action.

In this New Year, there are uncommon possibilities awaiting you. Just take that step and now, for change.

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