Candle is symbolic of light but it could mean much more. Homes, churches, schools make use of candles during valedictory services, in commemoration of the death of loved ones or just for illumination. If you have attended a valedictory service in your school or elsewhere, this story may be familiar.

At the valedictory service of my secondary school many years back, all graduating students were each given candles. The minister was first to light his candle followed by the principal, teachers and then all the graduating students followed in an orderly manner. The hall was in a solemn mood as we held our candles and the minister prayed. The minister said, “Keep your candles glowing.” I guess my mates like myself might not have understood the undertone of those words the minister said until many years after while we worked towards a reunion. Each person had carried their candles glowing across the length and breadth of this nation and abroad.

Everyone’s candle has to be lit and glowing. Our world pervades in darkness and people roam in search of light. The world needs light to lighten every corner. Like the unlighted candles in the hands of the students, which was useless to us until the minister spoke of its significance; we do not recognize we have a candle less lighting it. The candle in us thus remains dark and cold.

We need to put on our candles. The minister helped the students with his light. He had his candle’s light glowing and offered to share his light with us. The candle would be useless without it lighted. You may have so much to offer the world but if what you have does not come to the fore, it would be useless. It has to be bright enough to light the dark nooks and crannies. The minister’s example of sharing his light to our dark candles is an example that we should light other candles too.

Sometimes we light our candles where there are many candles glowing and we doubt if our light is bright enough to out-glow other glowing candles. The truth is, the effect of a candle can only be felt when it gets to a dark corner.

You may be where all the stars reside and you may be struggling having to glow brightest there. The battle to glow amongst other candles may so outweigh you that you give up glowing at all. Why battle to shine in an already bright room when you can get to a dark corner elsewhere and brighten that corner. It is like lightening an already lit candle.

Many persons out there are struggling to have their candle lit. They need your candle light. They need your knowledge, idea, skill, and support. They need you to be a beacon in their dark and hopeless moments. They need your help to come alive and burn.

Your candle can be the switch for another person’s candle that will also light some other person’s candle. The effect you make on some other person could have a wider bigger effect past the person whose life you have affected.

Hold out your candle for all to see. Some persons would want to have their candles lit but they do not know how to get it done. They are waiting for an opportunity to have it lit. You have to position yourself where you can make the most effect with your light. Go out looking for them.

Candlelights carry with them illumination and warmth. You can be the guide to some person’s better life and provide the comfort for some other person’s cold and lonely life.

During internment, to symbolize the departing of a soul, lit candles are blown off. Every person who leaves life is a lit candle blown off. We lose the illumination and warmth such persons had always provided. We need realize that the only opportunity we have to use our candle is now when we still have the opportunity to hold it.

Many persons though have kept their candlelights burning years after they have left holding it. Their lights have never left earth. Do you know why? Their candles have illuminated so many lives that have transferred the same light to others too generation after generation. These persons, time has refused to forget.

Wouldn’t it be great having your name in the same hall of fame as Abraham Lincoln, Mohammed Gandhi, Martin Luther, or Nelson Mandela, men whose candles will never be turned off? I know that is the life you want to live.

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