Have you observed the ™ or the ®logos on brand packs? You will always find statements such as “this logo and name is registered trademark of so and so company” on brand packs. Why do brands place these statements clearly on their packs? They fear that some other company may produce similar products. In order to differentiate theirs and the rest, there has to be a distinctive name and brand. The name of product and logo is a representation of the brand and it has to be protected.

Like company brands, you have a trademark. There is something that’s distinctively yours that nobody can lay claim to however hard they try. This is your own instinctive gift and talent. It is your characteristic trait, which stands you out. A sad fact is that most persons are unaware of this innate attribuute. They sell themselves out and miss on their uniqueness.

Our tendency towards being copy cats isn’t new. Our world is filled with too many look alike and no one wants to be prototype. We want to watch others create, and be the ones to repeat their creation and marvel on how a wonder their creation is. If you are in this shoe, it’s time to recreate your creative ingenuity. You have to be the original, distinct from the rest.

Our banking system expects we keep individual signatures. Your signature is what gives you open door to what’s in your account. No other person can get into your account without your signature permission. Our trademark is what we are identified with. It’s like our signature, unique with the opportunities that come with it.

A company’s trademark is what gives it a selling right to its product. Companies recognize that they can’t sue for infringements if their trade titles are not protected. We are individuals each with vested products to sell to the world. What do we sell?

We sell character attributes; good attributes such as honesty, patience, cheerfulness, love, hope, joy etc. and bad attributes such as anger, distrust, impatience, dishonesty etc. The quality of the brand “you” is the quality of good attributes you are able to sell as well as the reduced amount of bad attribute. You’d hear statements like, “that girl is very loving, or that guy is very patient.” Those with bad attributes often have their bad attributes tagged around them like “that guy is ill-tempered.” A responsibility on you is to protect your image by shelving off those bad attributes and propelling the good ones.

We sell knowledge; whatever knowledge at our disposal is sellable. The quality of knowledge at our disposal could be our selling point and trademark. A teacher offers knowledge because he has a depository of it. A person is an engineer because he has knowledge in the engineering field. A doctor is tagged “doctor” because he has developed substantial knowledge from the school of medicine. Whatever field of endeavor that one chooses to stand out in requires grasping the requisite knowledge necessary.

We sell creativity. Your ability to create is a distinctive attribute that stands you out. Inside everyone is that creative instinct, original and distinct. God created each one of us distinctly and he made our genetic makeup so different such that no two persons can act or think the same way. We see differently and different things even from the same point of view. There is an original creativity that your different sight of view provides, which the world wants to see. The world does not want repetitions. It wants originals.

You are an asset and a huge one. Your value surpasses any known human measuring system. Inside everyone is the strength value. It is you who has to appreciate your value and seek how best to improve and protect it. You have to instigate that original you. Nobody will if you don’t.

Find that something original you can do that other persons cannot try doing and do it. That is your trademark.



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