In our prevailing world, there is a craving for prophecy. We want to know the future from today to enable us plan. We often wish that if we could ascertain what’s going to happen the next minute, we could escape from future mishaps and perhaps stop them from occurring. We desire a look into the future with so much hope. One saddening truth is that we wait for revelation from some other person to give us light into the direction we should take.

While we may have spiritual leaders with prophetic ministries who prophesy into our lives, we are first our own prophets. The ability to use our words to change our lives is an inherent part of every man. God fused that into us from the beginning because everything He made was from his words. Whatever we say has the dynamics to either positively influence or negatively influence our lives depending on how we say it.

You can make your own self-fulfilling prophesies happen by charging your words with the power to act. How? You may ask. Can I actually make proclamations and have it come to reality? Yes you can. The ability lies in your power to use the right words and target those words.

  • Speaking into life. Whatever you say has bearing impact on how you or any other person will turn out. The power of life and death is in your tongue. To get positive values, speak positive and stay positive. Negative things also come as a result of our negative use of the tongue. Whatever you want, you can get it by tuning the use of your tongue to your favor.
  • Speak into the present. Whatever you want, you could say it and get it. But it’s not just saying it, its saying it the right way. If you need ten thousand dollars, you won’t say “I need ten thousand dollars” you say, “I have ten thousand dollars”. Speaking like you’ve got what you want already speeds up the process of getting what you want. Speak in the present. Use words like, I am, I have, etc. avoid words that refer to an achievement in the future like “I will”.
  • Speak continuously. Continuous speaking of your expectation in the present every time, and as often as possibly, increases the chance of having it come to reality. Keep saying that thing you want like you have it already and repeatedly as often as you can. You will have it just the way you want it.
  • Speak with the time. Setting a period for which your self-made prophesy should see gives credence to your prophetic ability. The word “now” should be the circle around which your needs have to be met. You might not see the possibility, but when you keep saying what you want for now, that now will arrive before long.
  • Stay connected. The need to stay connected to a spiritual source cannot be overemphasized. Build a connection with God. Develop faith as a means of receiving from him when and as often as we want. All God desires from us is “just ask.” When we ask we will receive. In asking from God, we could ask amiss which invariably means not all those who ask receive. You can ask right by accepting His supremacy over our lives, believing he is capable of seeing our needs met and confessing our need have being met by him even when we don’t get to see the physical thing we need.

Using your words rightly can make the best impression in your life and those of others. it has immense capability to make you into the model you want to become. Don’t give up in fear that you are incapable of attaining your goals and desire. Keep saying it and expect it to happen now. Even if it fails to happen now, your words are placing present action for a future occurrence. Prophesy!!!


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