Every person tends to discover early in their lives how imperfectly they seem to suite an assumed perfect situation. We have grown with the perception that those who get the best out of life have developed a level of perfection and that we have to become perfect to enjoy life’s benefits. For this reason, our academic system is skewed towards developing us into perfect life players, the perfect doctor, the perfect teacher, the perfect engineer and all that perfection that only exists in the ideal state which we infinitesimally struggle to reach but fail.

Life isn’t for perfect people. Perfect people don’t actually exist on our planet. We are constantly in that search for perfection, perfection only defined by our own human inconsistencies. Man loves to define a perfect state to which he can compare himself to and then discovers that that perfect state he was measuring himself was actually relative. He then takes the bar up again and this process continues ad infinitum.

We seem carried away in our quest for perfection that we die never reaching that perfect state. Sadly, the drive for perfection has limited many. We do not see any good quality about who we are or what we have achieved. We hope to have the perfect un-aging looks of Beyonce, the perfect dancing skills of Usher, the perfect speaking skills of Obama and the persons whose skills we fancy. You may think why am I not as good as the other person?

Every person in life comes with two sides, the great and bad side. The great side is often that side that most persons flash, get celebrated and we overly get jealous about. We may herald such incredible talent with a wow shout and dream of ourselves in such roles as those models. Have you ever thought about their bad dark sides? Well, they could be as bad as they have great sides. That bad side is their imperfections. Their imperfections though are always overshadowed by their perfection in some other area of their life and they too are hoping to perfect that imperfection they know they have. When these dark sides reveal themselves, we question why they should have such dark sides. That’s when we hear statements like “you should not be the one doing this,” or “so you are like these?”

Many lives have gone over to the other side of the world getting less in life than they bargained for because they thought they were imperfect. The Late Michael Jackson is the enigma whose quest to be white pushed him to all sorts of operations that got him entangle with a painful lifestyle that finally killed him. If he was black, he could still have been the enigmatic Michael Jackson as we knew him to be. The list is endless of people who should have lived better lives if they had accepted their imperfections. Now, they are part of the statistics.

Sometimes in relationships where one partner expects certain qualities from the other partner but the partner falls short, one tend to give up the relationship with claims that the other person doesn’t suite the perfect requirements.

As you grew into adulthood and became self conscious, you developed the quest for perfection but discovered not too long that you can never be perfect. That knowledge drives you to find that person who finds you perfect and appreciates you in spite of the imperfection which you know you have. When this happens, we assume there is love between. Love perfects imperfections. It sees beyond ones imperfections and builds the imperfection.

You are perfect the way you are, that your seeming imperfection is what makes you perfect and original too. You won’t be you if your face looks like some other renowned person you are trying to look like. If you sing like some other person, you will be considered a copycat rather than an original.

You may feel that that mistake that has hunted you was an imperfection that should never have being and you almost killed yourself about it. Wait, some imperfections often turn out positive against expectations. Imagine a mother who had felt bad having a child at teenage age but manages to groom the child into a high profile citizen many years after. She might have bore the stigma of early pregnancy but she will enjoy the benefits of her grown child’s status however the stigma that had risen during his birth and childhood. She soon realizes that her child was indeed not a mistake as she and others might have assumed.

Your assumed imperfections are your strongest perfections which if well polished could be the perfection some other person is yearning to have.

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