I know you’ve seen ice. Perhaps you have a refrigerator in your home or you’ve stayed in a cold winter region. During this period of the year, ice drops in the form of snow to show its winter. Visibility is poor and the roads are filled with white ice. Meteorology reports give information to direct road users. Everyone is on the watch; they don’t want to be caught unprepared for a snow storm.

Situations in life arrive like snow during winter. We are caught up in the situation not because we did anything wrong but because it’s just the right time for it. Sometimes, we wonder why these events should arrive. But they arrive anyway because life’s designed it that way. Rather than crying foul about the situation, the best thing to do is feel the moment while you can.

Great moments often arrive during difficult times. Like that winter time, when it’s really cold, we find all the reasons to celebrate in spite of the cold. We celebrate Christmas, Boxing Day and even herald a New Year during this season. Appreciate that the times are difficult but if you look well, you will see the silver linings in spite.

Snow covers the roads. People can hardly get around without putting their legs in ice. This can be really cold. To avoid this, special ice removing tractors, vehicles and carts have been designed and are been used to push the ice off the road. Your situation is not impossible. It may seem challenging but there is a way around it. You can be creative. Your creativity opens the door to solving problems hitherto that has remained unsolved. You can’t continue to suffer under that challenge when you can create a way out.

Its ice, it’s not concrete. Don’t be deceived. Yes ice may seem hard but it easily gives way under little pressure and the heat of the sun. Your challenge is only impossible because you are watching it from a distance. If you decide to put your hands to work on it, you will soon see that its mincemeat, it gives up.

Your challenge can change form. They can fizzle out if you apply the right effort. Yes it has to be the right effort. Ice changes to liquid and then the liquid evaporates only when the right amount of heat and pressure is applied. You are not supposed to hang there at that challenge when you can change everything. Yes I mean everything by putting in the right input of energy and force to make things work.

Develop the right mentality. Having snow drop on our roads doesn’t stop us from heading to our businesses. Your challenges shouldn’t stop you from been you. You should still head out to your everyday business with even more zest in spite of whatever is the situation in your present. Understand that there is more beyond the present challenge.

Snow doesn’t fall forever. When summer arrives, it gives way. There’s a sunny summer that’s going to arrive. Yes, it may seem chilly and cold right now, you can hardly breathe in the cold air, but it’s just for some time. Very soon, the season will change and you don’t have to do anything about it. All you have to do is bear the present circumstance. Your present situation doesn’t permanently define you. Very soon, it’s going to go with all its problems.

Adapt. Even animals adapt when its winter. Your ability to adapt in situations puts you ahead of the situation. Change your style, pattern. Try to be different. Just as wool clothes and sweaters are worn to create heat, reinvent you.

Your situation isn’t difficult. It’s just an act of yours away from a break through. If you believe this, you can as well see the possibilities arriving for you.

Friend, your challenge is just ice; you can break it and break through.






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